How can talking to our Elders be a form of community activism that helps our understanding of the past?
What is the Source?
What is the Story? (Podcast)

Join Amanda Carvery-Taylor (photographer and community builder) as she shares her collection of original photography and oral histories about Africville in her book: A Love Letter to Africville (Fernwood Publishing). These stories of love and joy go beyond the stories of pain that are normally part of the narratives around Africville.

Using Amanda’s work, and her methods, you too can tell new stories about community using the words, experiences, and photographs about community Elders. This conversation, and book, is an essential companion to any teaching about Africville, as well as a love letter to the concept of community itself.

I want people to understand that this is what we lost in Africville. It is not the land. It is not the buildings. We lost each other. - Amanda Carvery-Taylor

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