How can we use sport to explore historical events?
What is the Source?
What is the Story? (Podcast)

Join Dr. Carly Adams (University of Lethbridge) and Dr. Darren Aoki (University of Plymouth) as they draw on the Nikkei Memory Capture Project to share experiences of how curling brought Japanese- Canadians together after World War Two. 

Through sharing the stories they captured in the Nikkei Memory Capture Project, Dr. Adams and Dr. Aoki bring the stories of Japanese Canadians to the forefront of the discussion, to reframe how we view Japanese internment and the experiences after the forced internment ended. Centering the discussions around the Japanese Canadian curling bonspiel, community, strength, and celebration are highlighted.

Anytime we hear a story, we need to recognize that there are layers of histories that go along with that story. - Dr. Carly Adams

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