How can a veteran’s memoir engage students in conversations about settler colonialism, residential schools, and the ethics of war?
What is the Source?
What is the Story? (Podcast)

Join Dr. Isabelle St-Amand (Queen’s University) as she shares Eddy Weetaltuk’s memoir From the Tundra to the Trenches (University of Manitoba Press). Eddy Weetaltuk, an Inuk man, joined the Canadian military to fight in the Korean War (1950-1953) under a false name.

This exciting and funny memoir covers his experience at war, as well as his experiences growing up in James Bay and attending a church-run day school and his experiences returning home from war to increased racism. Dr. St-Amand brings her enthusiasm and passion to this conversation, to talk about we can use the memoir as a whole to challenge Canadian history.

In Eddy’s autobiography he is a hero. He is not a victim at all. Athough he had to endure a lot he is the hero of that story. - Dr. Isabelle St-Amand

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