How does a speech change the trajectory of a nation?
What is the Source?
What is the Story? (Podcast)

Join Richard Van Camp as he shares Frank T’Seleie’s 1975 speech. Chief Frank T’Seleie of Fort Good Hope, N.W.T spoke at the Berger inquiry to fight the proposed Mackenzie Valley Pipeline. This passionate and powerful speech is the inspiration for Richard Van Camp’s story in the graphic novel This Place which dives into 150 years of Indigenous resistance and resilience. 

Richard brings joy and passion to a discussion of resilience and reconciliation, sharing the powerful words of Frank T’Seleie’s speech which continue to inspire and call people to action.

The gift of reconciliation, the spirit of reconciliation, is about showing up, speaking up, stepping up and really listening with an open heart and an open mind. - Richard Van Camp

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