How can one court case that had a large impact on racial discrimination in employment cases in Canada be forgotten?
What is the Source?
What is the Story? (Podcast)

Join Dr. Karen Flynn (University of Illinois) as she brings us the story of Gloria Baylis, a Black nurse working in Montreal in the 1960s who won the first racial discrimination in employment case in Canada through the trial: Her Majesty the Queen vs. Hilton of Canada Ltd. (aka the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal). Through Gloria’s story, we can see behind the facade of this significant Canadian hotel and explore the intersection of race, class, gender, and the transnational nature of Canadian history.

Dr. Flynn talks passionately about why we need to bring Gloria’s story into every history classroom, to learn about these groundbreaking court cases history has forgotten.

We need to look within the nation, look at ourselves, and be reflective about the history of racialized peoples in Canada. - Dr. Karen Flynn

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