How does language we read and create sources in impact the stories and histories we learn?
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When did the presence of black populations date back to the territory now called Canada? Who were they? What were they doing?

Dr. Amadou Bâ offers some answers to these questions through his book The Forgotten History of the Contribution of Black Slaves and Soldiers to the Building of Canada (1604-1945) and his children’s book John Ware, the Black Cowboy of Western Canada. Join Christine Chevalier-Caron, as they speak about the books and the historiographies.

Dr. Amadou Bâ challenges the traditional narrative in order to demonstrate that the Black populations of Canada form one of the founding peoples of this country. Knowing that the historical narrative taught in schools across the country does not make this reality visible and tangible, these books are an essential source to accelerate the inclusion of Black history in provincial school curricula.

Black history is simply a social history that allows us to understand Canadian society, New France, and Quebec society at the time. - Amadou Bâ

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